Coastal Mini Pools LLC 

What we’re about


It’s no secret that summers on the Texas coast are brutal and only the tough survive. “The tough” being those with pools, of course. Well year after year of struggling through the heat and my wife continuously bringing up wanting a pool, something had to give! The issue was, our yard wasn’t quite big enough for an in-ground pool and the price on those things was way more than we were wanting to spend. $35k+ with a 6 month wait time? No shot.


Enter, stock tank pools! At 8 ft diameter, its big enough to fit multiple people comfortably while still staying small enough to not take up the entire yard. The 2 ft depth is plenty to be able to stay cool even on the hottest July day. Add on a sleek paint job and chlorine filtration system, and you’ve got an awesome way to relax in the heat while keeping your yard aesthetic on point. All at a price point you just can’t beat!


Do we have your attention now? We’ve got limited supply, so fill out the interest form to get started with your Coastal Mini Pool today!